Here at Benchmark we consider our gear as tools.

Much like a builder, we need the best tools available to do the best job.

We believe it is ultimately the skills of the engineer that achieves results.

We have taken a no compromise approach to our equipment and its installation.

Benchmark Mastering is a facility built by Mastering engineers for the music industry.

Neumann SP-79 Mastering Console

Ampex ATR-100  1/2 Inch Recorder with Class A Aria pre-amps

Studer A810 ¼ Inch Recorder

Dolby SR/A


Prism AD/DA


George Massenburg (GML) 2030 Mastering Compressor & 9500 Mastering EQ

TC M6000

Manly Vari-Mu Compressor

Manly Massive Passive EQ

TubeTech Multiband Compressor

Waves L2

Pass Labs Amplifiers

Duntech Sovereigns

Orpheus Minotaurs

Protools HD

Sequoia Workstations

Dangerous Monitor Controller.


And More....


















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