Neumann SP-79 Mastering Console Ampex ATR-100 1/2 Inch Recorder with Class A Aria pre-amps Studer A810 ¼ Inch Recorder Dolby SR/A DBX Prism AD/DA APOGEE AD/DA George Massenburg (GML) 2030 Mastering Compressor & 9500 Mastering EQ TC M6000 Manly Vari-Mu Compressor Manly Massive Passive EQ TubeTech Multiband Compressor Waves L2 Pass Labs Amplifiers Duntech Sovereigns Orpheus Minotaurs Protools HD Sequoia Workstations Dangerous Monitor Controller. And More... At Benchmark we consider our gear as tools. Much like a builder, we need the best tools available to do the best job. We believe it is ultimately the skills of the engineer that achieves results. We have taken a no compromise approach to our equipment and its installation. Benchmark Mastering is a facility built by Mastering engineers for the music industry.

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